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Andros has a very rich festive circle that preserves the elements of its cultural tradition. It offers many occasions for entertainment in countless local festivals, where the "syrtos" and "mbalos" dances take place up to the morning hours.

*The celebration of Panagia Theoskepasti in Hora is a leading one, with litany, municipal dances and torch race, which follow the period of the carnival.

*At Palaiopoli and in the Bay of Korthi, in the afternoon of Easter Sunday, the locals play "tsounia" in the streets, a traditional game that resembles bowling while every Holy Saturday from 11 till 1 hrs in the morning, local women are treating people with homemade marmelades of the famous lemons of Andros and local painters are exhibiting their work enspired by the topic of the lemon.On the 24th of June the traditional custom of "klidonas" takes place in Hora and in the villages of Korthi.

*Along the entire island the "choirosfagia" take place at the end of autumn and before Christmas. The slaughter of the pig and the amusement that follows is a rich custom that has its roots back to Byzantine years. The traditional choirosfagia last for three days and follow a concrete procedure. The first day begins with the slaughtering of the pigs, following with the making of the "paspalades" or "lardi" (skin cut in small pieces which is boiled), the "glyna" (remains of fat after the boiling) and the "sisira" (small pieces of meat that are boiled). The next step is the chopping of the pig in pieces, which is made into mincemeat apart from the steaks that are smoked in order to become "loyzes". The second day they prepare the famous Andros sausages, which are hang up until the next day and than placed in special containers with fat so that they are maintained fresh.

"Choirosfagia" constitute an old custom and simultaneously a reason for social gathering, which is still celebrated as in the old days with the escort of local music on the third day.

Finally, the day of the Holy Spirit, from 6 till 8 hrs in the evening, one can taste local products in the established feast of "Andros wine,cheese and bread paths"