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Ios's visitor worths to see or participate in many feasts and festivals that take place every year on the island. The main ones are listed below:

Timetable of Local Events

- 30th of January: Feast of Tris Ierarhes and Memorial of Benefactor of Ios, first Minister of Education of the free Greek State, Spyridonas Valettas.
- 25th of March: Feast of Evaggelismos of Theotokou, at the Metropolis of the island, with procession of the icon. This is a National celebration with deposition of a wreath in the town square, a student parade and traditional dances.
- Carnival: Carnival events on "ash Thursday" and the big Carnival of Ios on the last Carnival Sunday.
- Easter: Epitaph procession from two parishes on Holy Friday, feast with lambs and wine from the Municipality of Ios on Easter Sunday.
- June - August: Cultural Festival "OMIREIA" with concerts and theatrical representations at the Theatre "Odysseas Elytis" and exhibitions of art at the City Hall.
- 24th of June: festival of Agios Ioannis of Pirgos.
- 15th of August: Feast of Panagia Gkremiotissa (Domitrion of Virgin Mary) with procession of her icon.
- 29th of August: festival of Agios Ioannis of Kalamos.
- 29th of August: festival of Agios Ioannis of Psathis.
- 8th of September: festival of Agia Theodoti.
- 8th of September: festival of Palaiokastro.
- 28th of October: National Celebration with student parade and traditional dances.
- 21 November: Feast of Panagia Kountoutianis (Eisodia  of Virgin Mary).

Traditional Customs

- Wedding Customs: In Ios, weddings take place almost always on Saturday. The Thursday before the wedding the feast of leaven takes place, that is to say the ceremony of making wedding breads. Afterwards traditional songs are sung and a feast follows. After the wedding ceremony it is essential to offer nougats with honey and finally a wedding feast follows with food, island music, songs and dance.

- Klydonas: The customs of Klydonas takes place mainly in the Monastery of Agios Ioannis of Pirgos, on the evening of the 24th of June, with fires and with satirical poetry.

Carnival of Ios: The event of the Carnival takes place mainly on "ash Thursday" (Tsiknopempti) and the last Sunday. On the evening of ash Thursday, masked men with sheep bells, go around Hora, visiting homes and shops. Thanks to efforts of the Municipality of Ios and Cultural Association of Ios "Foiniki", the traditional Carnival has revived on the last Sunday of the Carnival, with various events.

Kounies : Another very old custom of Ios that has revived after efforts of the Cultural Association of Ios "Foiniki", is that of "Kounies". According to this custom, in May the girls of the island make swings in the narrow streets of the island (stigadia) and while they swing, they sing, under a dialogue form , erotic traditional songs.

The religious tradition is also preserved with the celebrations of festivals. On the 20-21st of June, the birth of Agios Ioannis Prodromos is celebrated, in the monastery of Pirgos. On the 28-29th of August the festival of Agios Ioannis in the monastery of Kalamos and that of Psathi as well. On the 7-8th of September the festival for the birth of Panagia in Agia Theodoti and in Palaiokastro. Smaller festivals take place at Agia Varvara, Mersinias, Agios  Georgios  in Vourlidakia  and Ai Vlassis.