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The locals are people who maintain their traditions and know well what hospitality and feast means. The protector saint of Kea is Agios Charalampos, who is celebrated on the 10th of February with great splendour and religious adoration. On the 1st of July in the feast of Agioi Anargyroi in Vourkari, an ancient ritual is followed. On the 17th of July the festival of Agia Marina takes place, on the 15th of August Panagia Kastriani celebrates and on the 1st of September the festival of Agios-Symios is organised. During the Carnival,a big parade of the Carnival and a frantic festival that follows, take place in Ioulida. Titbits, wine and rice pudding with lemon are offered by the Municipality of Kea.

The Cultural Association of the island, with the escort of the musical organs tsampouna and toumpi, passes from house to house singing the traditional Kea carols on the afternoon of New Years Eve.