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Amorgos is an island that celebrates throughout all year with many events, out of which the most noteworthy are: the feast of Nougat with honey that takes place in Hora each August and the custom of "Kapetanios" that takes place in the Carnival period in Lagkada. A very beautiful custom of Amorgos is the custom of the traditional wedding. On the evening of the 23rd of June the feast of "Klidonas", is still celebrated. Αn annual succesive event of the last 8 years is the YPERIA convention for culture and tourism that is held along with multiple subside happenings. This year will be held from 7 till 12 of April 2010 and its main subjest will be "Cultural heritage and tourism Development of the Amorgos island and the Aegian area" For the last three years the "Documentary Days" film festival is also organized during summer with Greek and foreign documentaries in collaboration with the international film festival ECOCINEMA and Amorgos Film Club.
Finally, during Autumn at the harvest period, a lot of festivities take place mainly concerning music, dance and abudant local wine.