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At the annual cultural events "OMIREIA" that take place on the island every summer you can participate in many events, such as theatrical competition of the Cycladic schools, athletic track events common sports,exhibitions of art, photography and books in the events room of the City Hall building and at the open theatre "Odysseas Eliths". For any art exhibitions there is no entry fee while for theatrical plays and concerts prices will are announced per period schedules( Information:Kostas Rodopoylos, Tel.:22860 91936).

The OMIREIA began in 1985. In the beginning there were only athletic events, however the next years the program was enriched with various competitions and with invitation of students from other schools of Cyclades, in order to participate in competitions. Furthermore,football was added. In the program of Omireia apart from the athletic events among teams of Cyclades, (Omireios run, Track, Basketball, Football, Volleyball), many other cultural events were also added.

From spring up to autumn.