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In collaboration with the Prefectoral Self-Government of Cyclades, cultural associations of the island, show particular sensitivity in protecting cultural environment and are intensely activated, so that there is cultural life in the island throughout the whole year.

Concerts, island nights with songs and dances, the resurgence of "pezotrata" with a festive character (Paroikia), theatrical representations, dancing events, exhibitions of paintings, photographs, sculptures, feast of fishermen in the harbour (Naoussa), art seminars, resurgence of customs, movie projections etc. are organised on the island throughout the year. The "House of Literature" is found in Lefkes, where in collaboration with the University of the Aegean, summer courses are carried out. Also it mainly hosts professional writers and translators of literature from entire the world, but mostly from Europe.

The Municipal Library is found in Paroikia. Cultural events take place in its open air space and there is also wireless network availability.
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The customs Easter with the Representations of Holy Friday in Marpissa, in Marmara and in Prodromos are very distinguishable, along with the feast of Analipsis in Piso Livadi and the feast of "full moon" in August in Dryos.

Classical music concerts are also taking place in the yard of the church Panagia Ekatontapyliani. One can also hear ecclesiastical traditional music or watch dances from the local dancing groups.

Posters inform of the happenings in local theatres.

One small but beautiful amphitheatre exists near Tserdakia. There is also a closed theatre in Naoussa. The Cultural Association "Archilochos" in Paroikia is important for cultural happenings on the island, one of the older in Cyclades, with rich cultural work with regard to promotion of theatre, cinema, figurative arts and other artistic events of the island.