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The slaughter and cleaning of the pig takes place with a ritual and assistance  from all relatives and neighbours.

The pig is slaughtered in October, when wind north blows, in order to dry the louzes, the pichtes and the sausages. Various foods are prepared by the meat of the pig but also pieces are maintained for the rest of the winter. At the slaughter of the pig, a big feast takes place where abundant wine flows.

In addition, the Rock festival is allready an established summer event for the last three years as well as several Greek and foreign music tributes. Also one can find religious painting exhibitions from private collections of the temple of Ihsouites along with speeches, visual and musical happenings for the last two years in the temple of Agios Iosif and the temple of Ihsouites.

Finally every September there is the Raki Fest(Rakizio) with traditional distillery processes, tasting and chronicles all on a festive atmosphere and the Honey Fest with tastes from the women of the village that create from the base of this valuable product an extremely large variety of sweets.

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