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In Naxos, the residents enchant the visitor from the first moment with their hospitality, their traditions and their customs. The locals have strong tradition in music and dance. The songs and the dances of Naxos - mbalos, vitzilaiadistikos, vlacha- have all  been spread to the entire Greece. Whenever you go to Naxos, it is sure you will find one of the many local festivals, you will hear the violin and the lute and you will discover the beauty of the islands dancing tradition: Agios Georgios in Kinidaro, the Agia Triada in Galanado, the Agioi Apostoloi in Melanes, Agios Nicodemos of (14th of July) in Hora, the Sotiros of (6th of August) in Glinado, Panagia the 15th of August in Filoti. In the villages Apeirathos and Filoti Carnivals are celebrated with Dionysian elements, with the "koudounatous" and "foustanelatous". On the evening of the 23rd of June in all the villages, revives the custom of klidonas and in September the "chatzanemata", the production process of wine and raki, take place. In the end of autumn the choirosfagia take place, while Easter is celebrated in a separate way, where the festive table has the specialty of Naxos: lamb filled with spices, livers and cheese.

The famous festivals are: the Agioi Apostoloi on the 30th of June in Melanes, on the 14th of July in Agios Nicodemos in Hora and Glinado, on the 6th of August the Sotiros in Glinado, Damariona and Kourounochori, on the 15th of August in all Naxos and particularly in Filoti and Agios Yannis on the 29th of August in Apeiranthos.

On Easter Friday, the festival of Panagia Argokoiliotissa is a particularly picturesque one.