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The residents of Serifos are polite and open hearted, and uphold the Cycladic tradition of hospitality and fest. The local festivals are the center of the island's religious and social life, where the "ktitores" offer you-in handmade dishes and under the sounds of the local island music, the foods that have prepared - tasty boiled goat with pastry, fava, fried potatoes and the famous Serifos wine. Some of the festivals of Serifos are the Agias Irinis on the 5th of May, Agias Triadas the day of the Holy Spirit in Mavra Voladia, Hristou Sotira on the 6th of August in Pirgos, Panagia in Ramou and in Skopous on the 15th of August and the Taxiarhes on the 8th of November in the Monastery.

Easter in Serifos is a unique island experience for the traveller, which is celebrated in a very particular way, in addition a feast is set up on the 11th of November, for the celebration of Agios Minas, where residents participate in the traditional "choirosfagia" and open their new wine.

There are also festivals on the 4th of December on the day of Agia Varvara and on the 18th of January on the day of Agios Athanassios.