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The roughly three hundred residents of Sikinos will happily include you in their company and their local feasts, where you will enjoy island songs and dances, some times faster - for the young men of the island, and some times slower and erotic.

In Sikinos, Panagia  is greatly honoured: On the 27th of March is the festival of Pantanassa, on Friday after Easter is the festival in the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, on the 15th of August is the festival of Koimisis and on the 21st of November the festival of Eisodia of Panagia .

The residents of the island maintain their customs with zest. They worship their festivals and feasts. The musical instruments that they use with particular mastery are the tsampouna pipe, the violin and the lute. Each feast is transformed into a big fiesta. In Alopronoia, from August up to Christmas, most locals fish calamari with a special hook. All this process resembles a festival, where all islanders participate actively.