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Despite its very few residents, Schoinousa maintains a cultural tradition that remains unforgettable to whoever has the chance to get to know it. Centre of  religious and social life of the island is the big festival of Panagia of Akathi in Hora, which takes place on Saturday of the "Akathistos Anthem". Tasty local foods are offered and the traditional musical organs keep festivities up to the morning hours. On the 25th of March, in Mesaria, after the mass in the temple of Evaggelistria, food is offered to all the people and afternoon events take place from the school children. On the 15th of August the two-day festival of Panagia takes place in Hora, it  is accompanied by musical and dancing events as well as exhibitions of pottery and photographs. Other local festivals are on the 9th of November on the day of Agios Nektarios, 1st of December on the day of Agios Filaretos and on the 6th of December on the day of Agios Nikolaos, where celebrations are held at the picturesque chapel that is found in the lighthouse at the entry of the harbour, with traditional cod with garlic dip,to be served as the main dish.