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The residents of Tinos are famous for their hospitality, something that the visitor will realise from the very first moment. Of course, if he happens to be found in a festival, he will be astonished when he realises that he is invited in the houses of the village and into a rich table. The festivals are innumerable in the 750 churches of Tinos - the 220 are catholic.

Centre of festive life of the island are the feasts of Panagia: the finding of the icon of Panagia on the 30th of January, where the night "fanarakia" (lanterns) are scattered in the streets of Hora. From the eve of the celebration, ceremonies take place in the church of Megalochari, and on the 30th, after sundown, the custom with the lanterns takes place. According to the above custom, lanterns which are made from wood and plastic foil accompany the procession of the icon of Panagia. It is done in recollection of the distress for the finding of the icon after the repeated dreams of Osia Pelagia, according to which they came out in the evening with lanterns to search for the icon. The procession of the icon, takes place in all village's  streets up to the harbour, followed by a stop outside of the church of Treis Ierarhes. A big feast for everybody follows organised by the Municipality of Tinos.

1st of February:
Two day religious and social events to the honor of Panagia Megalochari (Ypapantis) and Agios Simeon, in the village Ktikados., where the Church of the Orthodox community celebrates. The local customs are maintained (only locals participate). On the day of Ypapantis they dinner is offered to all the visitors.

In Triantaro revives the "Alfabet of Love", where the dancers sing facetious verses in a circle.

Last Sunday of the Carnival:
In the village Falatados, the carnival takes place with a different subject each year. Titbits are offered and all participants dance with the escort of local traditional musical organs (tsampouna, violin and guitar).

In the village Agapi, they celebrate "Makarona". It is an effigy of a person (from straw), which is taken around the streets of the village, in order to burn him in the end, in the square of the village. After the "ceremony" everybody is assembled in the communal room where they eat pasta.

25/3 Celebration of Evaggelismos:
The church of Megalochari (Evaggelismos) celebrates. Litanies and other religious ceremonies take place. after the procession of the icon (around 12:00 at midday) in Hora, a demonstration of traditional island dances takes place on the beach, where the offering of traditional pastry and raki is followed by dancing.

Holy Friday:
Procession of the Epitaphs in all the parishes of the island. A panoramic picture in Hora is seen where all the epitaphs meet in the platform of the beach. In the village Xinaras, in the morning takes place the representation of the Passions of Christ in the Metropolitan church of Panagia Rodariou (Catholic Archdiocese).

During the midnight mass, the Resurrection takes place, which is accompanied by "trimpounies" (gun shots with a very heavy sound), in the grounds of all churches of the island. The Easter table follows in all households. In the evening, feasts are set in the cafes of the bigger villages.

Second day of Easter:
Easter masses take place and folklore events follow in the following villages: Kardiani (in the square of the village), Kaloni (Agioi  Anargyroi), Ktikados, revives the custom of "Table of Love", where Orthodox and Catholics eat in a common table, Agios  Romanos (beach), Smardakito, etc.

Third day of Easter:
Easter mass and spree in Panagia  of Kalamos in the village Volax. Offerings, dances, songs and the custom of"Rodaries" follows, according to which facetious verses are sent with canes from those interested; it is an occasion for teasing and flirting.

First of May:
It is celebrated in the village "Sklavochori", where they roast lambs,set tables with food, dance and sing.

1st Sunday
In the adoration of Panagia Vrysiotissa (region Vrysi]), an outside church mass takes place that precedes the transport of the icon from the church of the village Tarampados, at which the faithful chant anthems to the honor of Panagia  and The Holy Rodario is recited. After the mass a purification of vehicles follows ,these are paraded left and right of the motorway. Both Catholic and Orthodox Christians participate, from the whole island but also from the island of Syros.

2nd Sunday
The church of Myrsini celebrates . After the church mass, an offering in the houses of the village follows . The housewives of the above village are famous for the variety of their dishes.

Agia  Triada:
The churches of the villages: Chatzirados, Sklavochori, Falatados, the old monastery of Agia Triada in the Gyrla region near Hora- where dinner in all the participants is offered by the committee of the institution- celebrate.In addition the church of the Orthodox parish of the village Kardiani celebrates as well and an offering in the houses of the village follows.

1st of July:
Feast of Agioi  Anargyroi. The church of the Village Arcados celebrates.

23rd of July:
The festival of Agia Pelagia, with it's characteristic night litany of the icon of Panagia from the Moni Kechrovouniou to Hora.

15/8 (Dekapentavgoustos) Celebration of Panagia:
This is the largest celebration of Tinos where thousands of faithfulls gather from all over the world to Tinos. Religious and patriotic events and ceremonies take place in recollection of the torpedoing of Elli in the 15/8/1940 from the Italians in the harbour of Tinos. The church of Panagia  Vrysiou also celebrates where also lots of ceremonies of religious content take place.
During the whole next week up to the 9th day, ceremonies take place in the region Leivadas (Pano Meri) in the church of Panagia  of Leivadas. The residents of the villages are assembled in houses and have fun with local titbits, wine, songs, dance, narrations of old facts etc. In Panagia Lakotiani of Isternia, events of Religious and Folklore content are held.

29th of August:
The day of Agios Ioannis the decapitated. There is a celebration at the Catholic Church of Komi and the chapel (Orthodox) in Tsiknias.

29/9 Feast of Apostles Petros and Pavlos:
There is a celebration at the church of Triantarou.

7/9 Feast of Agios Sostis:
There is a celebration at the church that is found in the region Skylantari, (coastal) 3 km away from Hora.

14/9 Feast of the Rise of the Honest Cross:
There is a celebration at the Catholic Church of Ktikados and the chapel in the old harbour of Tinos.

11 November:
Feast of Agios Minas. A festival takes place in Kardiani.

21 November:
Feast of Eisodia of Panagia . Festival in Tripotamos

4/12 Feast of Agia Varvara:
There is a celebration at the church of the old monastery of Agia Varvara. At the eve of the celebration Religious and folklore events take place, these are completed the next day of the next feast (5/12) since  the above church, Agios Savvas is also honoured (since his icon is found here). The locals participate in the religious ceremonies after which dinner with fasting foods follows in the big room of the group, with dance and songs. They also go to all the houses of the region, where the feast is continued.

6/12 Feast of Agios Nikolaos:
There is a celebration at the Catholic Church of Hora and Steni, where the traditional customs are still followed.

the famous custom of "Kavos" is observed in Tripotamos that includes early Christian, Medieval and Holy Mountain elements.