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Summertime at Cyclades

Summertime – Everything is here, as you have dreamt it.

For a Weekend, for a week, for the whole summertime, once again, the Cyclades are the place that offers ideal vacations for everyone.

Because each island of the Cyclades has something unique, and also because each island has many "faces".

Proof to this is that on a tour around the Cyclades one will meet famous people but also colleagues, hear all languages of the world, find all types of people and get a taste of all charms of life.
If one should choose a single vacation destination in a whole lifetime, the Cyclades would be the leading choice. They have the components for ideal vacations and so much variety that one can discover the Cyclades time after time, without repeating the same experiences.
The Cyclades offer surprises for splendid moments, even to their most regular visitors.

To most of the people summertime means sea - sun - vacations. For many of them it is synonymous to the Cyclades.

What characterizes the famous Greek coasts is their unique diversity (beaches with length of many kilometers, small gulfs and coves, sandy beaches with sand dunes, pebbled coasts, coastal caves with steep rocks and with the characteristic dark volcanic sand, coastal wetlands), their cleanliness and clear waters, that have made them famous worldwide and exceptionally popular.

The islands of the Cyclades, as pearls on the silver of the Summer Sea, challenge for memorable vacations in spotless waters, in the scents of thyme and sage, or in the ouzo with octopus by the coastal little tavern. An endless feast of the senses.

Many of the beaches of the Cyclades offer, beyond their beauty and cleanness, further services that have to do with the environmental education and information of swimmers via announcements and signs, correct environmental management of the coast, safety, salvage vessels, lifeguards, first aid and installations for safe passage to the coast and care for persons with special needs.

These Beaches are:

Thira - Santorini: Kamari 1, Kamari 2, Perissa
Ios: Ormos, Mylopotamos, Koumbara, Magganari

Paros: Marpissa - Chrysi Akti, Logaras, Tserdakia, Pounta

Mykonos: Kalafatis

Syros: Vari, Agkathopes, Foinikas/Psachno

Andros: Mbatsi, Agios Petros,  Hrisi Ammos
Κea: Koundouros
Naxos: Agios Georgios, Agia Anna, Agios Prokopios

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