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Island Hopping

Cyclades are a cluster of islands with unique natural beauty that each one separately as well as all together constitute an ideal destination.

Therefore one can make the most out of his journey when island hopping(transport and stay on more than one islands at the duration of same travel), is one of the best things to do in the Cyclades. Tour from island to island and swim in spotless turquoise waters.

The 147 islands and rocky islands of the Cyclades offer that promessing possibility: due to their close proximity, you can easily and safely visit enough of them in a short period and enjoy their diversity(If you hire a sailboat with a skipper, you have the advantage of seating comfortably and enjoying the trip).

At and you will find all needed relevant information.

If you decide to travel by ferry, then will give you enough information to organize your tour. For tours we propose the following planning tactics to help you getting started:

- Choose an island as your base and make daily or two-day excursions. Apart from the inhabited islands that are near your base you can also visit a lot of nearby rocky islands by chartering a boat on the spot. This list may help you withyour choice.
- Choose an island as a starting point and with the help of you can plan your itinerary with final destination, the return harbor at your place of stay.
See the list of islands here.