Famous people of the Cyclades

Along with the many unknown popular creators of traditional arts, Cyclades have many distinguished creators of the figurative arts. The painters Nikiforos Lytras, Nikolaos Gkyzis, Yannis Gaitis and the sculptors Giannoylis Chalepas, Dimitrios Filippotis from Tinos, and the painter Konstantinos Panorios from Sifnos are shining examples. Andros, Syros and Paros have given important painters and sculptors.

The popular musical tradition of the Cyclades is rich and well-known, presenting innumerable songs with the escort of the violin and the lute, and marvellous island dances where the dancers dance so eloquently that they seem not to touch the ground.

The most important representative of the rembetika music, Markos Bambakaris was born in Syros. After the Asia Minor destruction in 1922, coupling Smyrneika songs with the traditional music, he created a musical type called rembetika.