Anafi is located east of Santorini. It is one of the most picturesque small islands of the Cycladic cluster, since it has achieved in maintaining its natural beauty and rich popular tradition intact.

This small island is a beautiful and hospitable shelter for those who seek authentic vacations: Golden sandy beaches, turquoise waters, whitewashed settlements, hospitable people and rich traditions. These are all elements that render this island unique for those who wish calm vacations and a simple way of life.

At an extent of hardly 40 square kilometres, Anafi has an extraordinary large number of natural beauties and sights. The beautiful beaches of the south with golden sand,  natural wildness of the steep rocks of the north, paths that are offered for walks, unexplored caves, medicinal sources, the particular architecture of Hora and many archaeological discoveries that are found scattered everywhere, compose the picture of a place that offers unique emotions.

The rocky steep mountain sides that during summer are covered by the Aegean sun, in winter are covered with an evergreen carpet of grass and in spring they get filled with wildflowers in all colorations, while thyme and sage scents fill the air.

Anafi has one and only village, the Hora,which is built on the ruins of a Venetian castle, with whitewashed houses with domes and with narrow cobbled streets, similar with those found in the neighborhood of Anafiotika, located under the Acropolis of Athens. Here, traditional Cycladic architecture unfolds in all its beauty: narrow cobbled streets, white low houses with freshly painted blue windows and domes on the roof (a local architectural trait that insulates the houses from the sun and the wind) and courtyards full of flowers, under the blinding Aegean light. Hora is 3 km away from the harbour of Agios Nikolaos. Between Agios Nikolaos and Hora, on the east, lies Kleisidi, a small settlement with few houses and guest houses.

Visitors can take local fishing boats or even their own sailboat and, if weather allows, circumnavigate the island, or visit the neighbouring islets of Ftena, Paheia (Anafopoulo) and Makria, which have all been declared as regions of particular natural beauty.