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  • Quick overview...

    Cyclades a seamanly destination that consists of many individual islands destinations that are distinguished for their unique sea colour, their unprecedented natural landscape, their characteristic anaglyph, for their sun and light, for their bays, and bright white settlements, for their history and cultural attractions. For all of these together that cannot be found on any other island cluster in the world.

  • Folktales Festival at Kea
    The Folktales Festival  was created due to the need for an escape from the rationalism of modern age into the world of dreams and magic. For more information address.

    Follow the secret trail
    Here, no-one will find you. You can seek out secret pathways, traditional settlements, religious and historical monuments.

    Unique nature, unique civilization
    Its shores, an enormous sculpture made up of colorful rocks. Its body, a net made of veins of precious stone.


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  • Summertime – Everything is here, as you have dreamt it.

    For a Weekend, for a week, for the whole summertime, once again, the Cyclades are the place that offers ideal vacations for everyone.

    Because each island of the Cyclades has something unique, and also because each island has many "faces".

    Proof to this is that on a tour around the Cyclades one will meet famous people but also colleagues, hear all languages of the world, find all types of people and get a taste of all charms of life.