Stressful and noisy rhythms of the outside world do not reach this small corner of the Aegean, which has become a beloved destination for Greek and foreigner visitors. Koufonisi offers ideal occasions to enjoy windless coasts with golden sand and bright aquamarine waters, small natural swimming-pools, small sea caves, authentic island feasts and, of course, abundant fresh fish and seafood.

Under the name Koufonisi we find two islands, the Ano and Kato Koufonisi, which both belong to the Small Eastern Cyclades and are separated from each other from a strait of width of 200 metres. Pano Koufonisi (or simply Koufonisi), has as extent of hardly 3,5 sq. km while Kato Koufonisi has an extent of 4,3 sq. km and is almost uninhabited.

According to one version, Koufonisi owes its name to the calm harbour that shapes the gulf between the two islands and Glaronisi (“koufos limin”: windless harbour). The second version attributes the name Koufonisi  to its many caves that exist at their coasts, since the waves dig, “koufonei” the islands (Koufonisi: “hollow” islands).

In Pano Koufonisi, next to the harbour unfolds the unique settlement of the island, the Hora.A Cycladic fishing village with picturesque streets, white washed houses and the characteristic white windmill on the left of the jetty. The temple of the protector of the island, Agios Georgios dominates in the centre of the settlement. The dirt road that begins east of the harbour and has a length of hardly a few kilometres, leads to the beach of Finikas and hosts most lodgings of the island.

In Hora, the visitor will find many places to stay, restaurants and taverns, with abundant and tasty local seafood. Pano Koufonisi is a small paradise with golden coasts, crystal waters and smooth soil without asphalt streets, which can be covered on foot in three hours.

Kato Koufonisi lies between Pano Koufonisi, Schoinousa and Keros, and is almost deserted. It has a small harbour and many small and isolated beaches. The small chapel of Panagia on the pier, which is built on ancient ruins, is one of the sights of the island. On the 15th of August, a church mass takes place here, followed by dinner that includes fish, lamb and kid. You will reach it from Pano Koufonisi with a fishing boat, which during summer makes three tours a day.

Pano Koufonisi is the smallest island of the Cyclades, but also the most over-populated. From the 366 residents, 110 are of young age, a proportion unique for Greek but also for European statistical data.