The central settlement of Schoinousa is Panagia, built on a hill in the interior of the island, from where the view embraces the surrounding islands and is lost in light blue Aegean Sea. Everything here is friendly and hospitable: characteristic are its Cycladic houses which are decorated by basils and flower bushes. In the centre of Hora, we find the church of Eisodia of Theotokou , where the famous icon of Panagia of Akathi, protector of the island is kept, with a rare depiction of Panagia from the “Akathistos Anthem”. In Hora, visitors will find lodgings, places for good food and drink and night centres with live traditional music, while for those who love night life, there is a bar outside of the settlement.


Two of the most important churches of the island are: The church of Panagia of Akathi, which hosts an icon with a rare representation of the “Akathistos Anthem” and the church of Evaggelismos of Panagia in Mesaria.


In the private Folklore Museum you will see traditional costumes, agricultural tools, old pictures and other very interesting exhibits.