Quick overview

Cyclades a seamanly destination that consists of many individual islands destinations that are distinguished for their unique sea colour, their uneprecented natural landscape, their characteristic anaglyph, for their sun and light, for their bays, and bright white settlements, for their history and cultural attractions. For all of these together that can not be found on any other island cluster in the world.

Cyclades, the islands that surround the sacred island of Delos, a Greek Polynesia, a sea state with countless small and big islands and a crystal clear sea.

147 islands and islets / 365 days a year

2051 + kilometres of coastline are available to any visitor who wants to discover his own personal destination

200 + bays, harbours and fishing shelters create a natural sailing park that is offering relaxation and fun to all its maritime guests.

465 + beautiful beaches for swimming, bottom observation (snorkelling) and scuba diving - Perhaps the greatest enjoyment  in the crystal clear waters of the islands that maintain due to formation of their bottom, their uniquely incredible colour.

10,000 + years long history as the Aegean Sea was a bridge of communication and goods and ideas exchange in between the various neighbouring civilizations and cultures that were created here.

242 + sightseeing sites (historical,  geological, ecological, architectural, religious, etc.) are offered to the visitors that can follow these routes that meet their own specific interests

77 museums and collections that ensemble and present snapshots from the lives of people who lived and created in these Islands thousands of years ago.

47 Natural attractions: The history of geological creation of the Cyclades, explains its enormous geological wealth: each island has a stunning and completely unique terrain and attractions of huge geological, paleontological, archaeological and historical interest such as caves, geological formations, etc.  

96 NATURA 2000 sites and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Despite their poor vegetation, in the islands of the Cyclades, we trace a wealthy and rare flora that includes more than 1600 species of plants, with over 200 being recorded as endemic, rare or endangered species. Also in the Cyclades islands there is a fascinating fauna that includes many endemic species that sometimes are to be found only in Greece or even only on one island or islet of the Cyclades! .

125 walking paths of a total length of 578.8 km

17 tracks of special interest (cultural and ecological) of a total length of 145 km