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Ios: Sights

The settlement of Hora of Ios has been characterized by Governmental decision( Π.Δ 19-8-81 (ΦΕΚ 587/Δ/16-10-1981) ) as traditional and constitutes a typical Cycladic village and a picturesque settlement. The visitor will be impressed by its particular architecture. The houses are whitewashed with light blue doors and windows, while the paved narrow streets, with the white painted lines between the plates (dames in the local dialect), the linked houses and the covered streets (stigadia), are some of its  distinguished characteristics. Hora has picturesque corners of unique beauty, as well as points with exceptional views. The Venetian castle and the church of Panagia Gkremiotissa, found on the top of the hill of Hora are offering exceptional views, and are considered as points of exceptional interest.

Churches and Monasteries
According to tradition, 365 churches and chapels are found in Ios. There are 26 small and big churches only in the Hora. Many of them are of Byzantine rhythm and one can visit them after agreement with their delegates. The main churches of Ios are: Evaggelismos of Panagia (Metropolis of the Island), Panagia Gkremiotissa, Panagia Kountoutiani, Zoodochos Pigi, and Panagia - Metochi of the Monasteri of Chozobiotissa of Amorgos. Also do not omit to visit the monasteries of Agios Ioannis of Kalamos and Agios Ioannis of Pirgos.
Other appreciable churches are: the church of Agia Ekaterini, built on the location of an ancient temple of Apollo and the churches of Agios Nikolaos, Christos and Agios Georgios, built on an abrupt mountain side.
The church of Agios Theodosios is found at the settlement of Agia Theodoti. Embedded architectural parts of ancient buildings are found on this church. There is also a tower from the Hellenistic period, as well as ruins of an ancient aqueduct.
Other noteworthy places are the church of Agia Irini, from the 17th century, found in the bay, as well as the church of Agia Irini in Hora, which is placed at the entry of the harbour.

Theatre “Odysseas Elytis”
The theatre “Odysseas Elytis” is an open theatre built from local stone and marble and found in the windmills region, Tsoukalaria, near Hora. This theatre is the only place in Greece which officially brings the name of the “Poet of the Aegean”, nobel winner Odysseas Elytis. It has a capacity of 1.100 seats and was inaugurated in 1997. It is easily accessible by car or on foot. The Municipality of Ios organises there each summer concerts and theatrical representations, during the Cultural Festival “OMIREIA”. The visitor will be compensated by the astonishing views of Hora, the Harbour, Mylopotas and the surrounding islands. The sunset from here is splendid.

Grave of Homer
Ios hosts in her ground the grave of the greatest of poets, “Homer”. This is proven by the texts of ancient writers (Herodotus, Pausanias, Alkaios, Skylax, Strabo, Eystathios, Plinios). The mother of Homer came from Ios. His grave is found in the region of Plakotos, on the top of a hill at the northern part of Ios. Access by car is easy.  Apart from the monument, the visitor can admire the astonishing views to the Aegean and the surrounding islands. The creation of an Academy of Homeric Studies, in the same space, is in the current plans agenta of the Municipality of Ios.

The archaeological Museum of Ios is found in Hora, at the ground floor of the City Hall. It hosts a large collection of antiquities, from the 3rd Millennium B.C. up to the Roman period. The exhibits are separated in thematic units and in corresponding rooms.  The findings from the early Cycladic Settlement of Skarkos, dominate. The museum can be visited each day, except Monday, from 08:30 until 15:00. (Tel. 22860 91246)

Modern Art Museum of Zan Mari Dro: Private museum of modern Art. There is no visiting schedule and visits take place only after authorisation from the owner. It is accessible only on foot. The undertaking of its management from the Municipality of Ios and its operation on a regular basis is in the plans of the Municipality of Ios.
Museum of Yannis Gaitis - Gabriella Simosi. The museum has opened its gates since  the summer of 2008. It assembles the works of art of the great artist and friend of Ios, Yannis Gaitis and his spouse Gabriella Simosi, while several other Greek and foreign artists also exhibit their art in it. The museum is built near the theatre “Odysseas Elytis” and along with it and the renovated windmills all constitute a unique cultural area.
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