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Ios: Local Products

Ios produces a number of local products, famous for their quality. The island has a well developed livestock-farming (mainly ovine and cattle) which contributes to a very big production of dairy products and cheeses. Cheeses of Ios are famous and are exported in large quantities, so much to the surrounding islands as well as to Athens. It is recommended that you try them before leaving the island. The following cheeses are produced in Ios: the white kefalotyri salty and spicy or with a softer flavour, the “xino”, a very soft white cheese, the “skotyri ”, a mix of cheeses, mizithra and herbs (it resembles the kopanisti of Mykonos) and the sweet mizithra cheese. The island has a developed apiculture and produces amazing honey, from thyme that abounds on the island. Buy it directly from the bee keepers of the island.

You can also find wine that is produced by small producers of the island, with ecological methods and high quality standards. You can also find the traditional Ios raki, a drink that is produced by distillation and is even stronger than the Cretan raki. Finally, capers and oregano are plants that are found in abundance on Ios and can be bought directly from the local producers.
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