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Ios: Local Recipes

The dishes of Ios are traditional Cycladic, based on olive oil, legumes, fish, cereals and vegetables. The “revythokeftedes”, the “tsimetia” (type of dolma where instead of vine leaf, the zucchini flower is used) and the sun dried small fish, cooked on charcoal, are representative dishes of the island.
Ios has a large variety of traditional deserts. These are: the traditional nougat with honey (from local thyme honey and sesame), the avgokalamara or xerotigana, the kalasounia (pancake bites with filo, stuffed with a mix of sweet mizithra cheese, eggs and sugar), the myzithropites or melitinia (pies with a filling from sweet mizithra, eggs, sugar and mastic flavor), the marzipan cakes (from crushed almonds, eggs and sugar, scented with flower water) and the pastota figs (dry figs dipped in sesame)

Meat with chick peas (goat or veal)

1 Kilo of meat (goat or veal)
½ Kilo chick peas
1 Big chopped onion,
5 - 6 Fresh crushed tomatoes or
3 Spoonfuls of tomato paste
Salt - Pepper
1 Cinnamon stick

We put chick peas in water from the previous evening, in order to get soft. We wash and cut meat in portions. We then sizzle it with onions and then add as much water needed to cover the meat. We add tomatoes or tomato paste,salt, pepper and a cinnamon stick. When the meat has half boiled, we add the chick peas. As soon as the chick peas boil, we turn off the stove and leave the pan covered for 5 minutes and than serve. In this dish, the chick peas can also be replaced with pasta or potatoes.
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