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Ios: Practical Information

How to Arrive?

Ios is connected by ferries and speedboats with Piraeus, Rafina, the rest of the Cycladic islands, Crete and Dodekanisa. The air connection of Ios with Lavrion and other islands of the Cyclades with hydroplanes, is expected to come soon.
For more information:

Port Authority of Ios Tel.: 22860 91268, 91264
Port Authority of Piraeus
Tel.: 210 4226000 - 4, 210 4593140
210 4593150
Port Authority of Rafina Tel.: 22940 22300, 28888
Information Greek Telecome
Tel.:1 440

Where to Stay?

Hotels Link:
Rented rooms Link:

For those who like living close to nature, in the duration of their vacation, Ios has three organised camping’s. These have all installations and services required for a comfortable stay and are considered the best in the Cyclades. They all have the advantage of being placed at a close distance from the largest beaches of Ios (one at the beach of the harbour and two at the beach of Mylopotas).
Their telephone numbers are  the following:

Ios Port Agia Eirini
Tel.: 22860 92035, 22860 92306,
Fax.: 22860 92101
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Far out Camping Mylopotas
Tel.: 22860 91468, 92302
Fax.: 22860 92303
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Camping Stars & the purple Pig Mylopotas Tel.: 22860 91302,91611
Fax.: 22860 91612
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information: Pan-Hellenic Union of Camping Owners,

Local transport

Transport in Ios, takes place with buses, taxi, rented cars and motorcycles, and with fishing boats that execute regular itineraries towards the most distant beaches.
There are also buses which ride from the Hora to Magganari, in the period between June and September, at least four times a day.
Information: Red Arrow - Tel.: 22860 91437 & 6944293588.

For more information:
ΚΤΕΛ, Tel.: 22860 92015

- Mastrantonaki Maria: 6978734491
- Mpouzalakos Panagiotis: 6977031708
- Moraitis Konstantinos: 22860 91745 & 6932680896
- Nikiforos Georgios: 22860 91606
- Stratis Kyriakos: 6977760570

Rental of Cars - Motorcycles

Ios has many car and motorcycle rental offices where the customer can find conventional cars, 4x4s, scooters and motor cycles.
The telephone numbers of car or motorcycle rental offices are:

Ios Rent a Car -only cars Tel.: 22860 92300 and 91002
Trochokinish -cars and motorcycles Tel.: 22860 91362 and 91166
Jacob's Rent a Car -cars and motorcycles Tel.: 22860 91047 and 91700
Fousteris Dimitrios -only motorcycles Tel.: 22860 92470 and 92355
Chios Dimitrios -only motorcycles Tel.: 22860 91066 and 92118
Damigos Artemis -only motorcycles Tel.: 22860 91406
Vangelis Rent a Bike -only motorcycles Tel.: 22860 91919

Useful telephones
Police Tel.: 22860 91222 - 92222
Municipal Authority Tel.: 22860 91505 - 91028
Centers Of Health Tel.: 22860 91227
Care Of Elderly Tel.: 22860 91504
Care Of Children Tel.: 22860 91359
Local Transport Tel.: 22860 92015
Tourist Information Office Tel.: 22860 91936
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