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Kea: Local Recipes

Speciality of Tzia is tasty “paspalas” (small pieces of pork cooked with tomato and eggs), the “tsigara” (pork with grease) and “loza” (salted pork). In Kea you will find many places to enjoy fresh fish and the famous “astakomakaronada” (lobster-pasta). The local sausages have also their place in the local table, as the roasted “rega” accompanied by cool retsina, while it would be a tasty omission not to try “kokora krasato” (rooster in wine), in combination with the local red wine “mavroudi”. For dessert you try the “mpezedes”, “sweet quince” and “neromeli”, type of custard with honey and water.

Paspalas from Tzia

2-3 pieces pork (paspalas)
1 kilo tomatoes
5 eggs
Salt - pepper
A bit of sugar

We chop paspalas in small pieces and sizzle for a  little while with its own grease (glina tziotiki), in a frying pan. We grind tomatoes and add them in a frying pan, after we have sprinkled them with a little pepper, little salt and a bit of sugar so that they do not sour, we then fry until they absorb their liquid. We strike the eggs and add them in the frying pan by mixing constantly. Then, we lower the frying pan from the fire and serve paspala in a big plate. We can eat it with broad beans, salad etc.

Recipe: Irini Mpithari, Kea, Kastro.
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