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The unique settlement of Pano Koufonisi, Hora, is a small Cucladic fishing village with picturesque streets, white painted houses and the characteristic white windmill on the left side of the jetty. All families of the settlement deal with fishing and fishing boats are parked side by side giving a unique colour to the picturesque pier. The church of the protector of the island, Agios Geogios dominates in the centre of the settlement.

Sea caves
The sea caves are found in Pano Koufonisi, behind the beach of Pori and are accessible only from the sea. The steep rocks have taken shapes of caves and small beaches-swimming pools that are unique for swimming, due to elements and waves.


Keros was one of the most important centres of the Cycladic culture. In antiquity it was linked with the neighbouring island Daskaleio and in the bay that takes shape today between Keros and Daskaleio the main settlement of the island was found.In addition, an early Cycladic cemetery, have been discovered in Keros, with discoveries of exceptional importance.
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