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Local Recipes

Local dishes vary depending on the period and on the circumstances. One of the chosen foods that are prepared in Mykonos are the “kremmydopites”, pies that contain trovolia , fresh onions, eggs and dill, while sometimes they also have pork lard. They are pies that accompany many festive dinners and are served a lot from Christmas up to the Carnival. At the same period, melopites from trovolia ,honey and baked filo, are prepared.
Local kitchen includes pork in all versions (with cabbage or greens, smoked, sausages) and marvellous recipes with fish and seafood: baked snails or mackerels with capers in rice, sea urchins in oil and vinegar, pines, scallops. The “kopanisti” of Mykonos is also well known, while very tasty dishes are the marathokeftedes, skordomakarona , the asparaguses with eggs and the fried green tomatoes. Among the pastries of the island the honey pie, the nougat with honey and the marzipans are famous.
In local houses they use to prepare a refreshing soumada, a drink based on almonds.

Spicy Chortopita of Mykonos


For the filling:
500 gr. myroneia and kafkalithres
500 gr. spinach
250 gr. fresh onions
Dill, fennel
250 gr. kopanisti of Mykonos
300 gr. olive oil
250 gr. syglino, Mykonos salted pork
1 cup frumenty
Pepper, salt

For the filo:
4 cup flour
1 cup water
1 cup olive oil
Half a lemon´s juice and the scraping

We cut our grasses and onions. We rub the grasses with a little salt. We sizzle the onions with the oil, add grasses, pepper, salt, kopanisti, syglino, and the frumenty and mix them all together. We mix all the materials for the filo and knead until it becomes dough, which we open into a 4 filo. Place the first 2 in a baking pan spread with oil, set the filling above them, cover with the other 2 filo, grease the surface of the pie, and cook in the oven for 75 min at a low temprature.

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