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Local Recipes

The local dishes are based on the products of the ground and the sea. They are rich in fish and soups while the pies and meat follow, all are accompanied with spices and local olive oil. The local wine is not absent from the table. The arrival of the immigrants from the Asia Minor after 1922 enriched the food habits mainly in the sector of pastry.

Dishes of the island that the visitor can try:
"gouna", octopus in the coals, octopus with spaghetti, stuffed fish in the oven, kakavia soup, ladosoupa, chickpeas in the oven, "karavoloi", kolitsanokeftedes, kokorozoumo, "diada", amanitokeftedes, chtapodokeftedes, chortofouskotes, pie with fresh beans, reggosalata, volvoi skordalia, "kolopia", revythokeftedes, revythosoupa.

mizithra, anthotyro, ladotyri, touloumisio, kefalisio armis. The Easter cheese pies and xerotigana are made with them.

marzipan cakes, samota figs, petimezopita, skaltsounia, “rafiolia”, myzithropitakia.

Octopus with rice

1. 1/2 kilo onions
2. 1 kilo octopus (depending on the servings)
3. 1 kilo tomatoes fresh or 1 box juice
4. 1/2 kilo rice
5. 2 spoonfuls butter
6. 1 glass oil
7. Pepper
8. Oregano
9. Nutmeg

We wash the octopus and cut in small pieces (not very small). Put in the saucepan with the oil, the onions cut in slices and a little water without sizzling the octopus much, so that it does not become hard. We simmer for 10 minutes roughly, we add oregano, pepper and tomato juice, and leave it to simmer.
In another saucepan we put 6-7 glasses of water to boil. We wash well the rice and add it in the boiled water with a little salt. After the rice boils, we burn the butter and pour it over.

We put it in forms. We serve the octopus with the sauce above or on the side.

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