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Local Recipes

On Easter, the housewives make melitinia, sweet cheese pies from fresh mizithra. And in weddings they serve the traditional sugarplum, from almonds boiled in local honey - a selected tasty luxury!


2 kilos of unsalted mizithra (good quality)
2 kilos sugar
1/2 kilo semolina
8 eggs (only the yolks)
A bit of mastic

For the filo:
Hard flour
2 spoonfuls of butter
1 small glass of water
1 small glass of milk

We put flour with all other materials in a basin in order to mix them so that we make dough suitable for filo. We leave it to stand covered with a towel for a while.

We grind the mizithra. We add eggs, and mix. We then throw little by little the sugar and the semolina so much so that it becomes a tight custard. We then add mastic for flavour.

We roll the dough into a medium in thickness filo and cut it in disks. We take some custard with a teaspoon and put it in the centre of each disk. We stretch it carefully with our fingers, so that shapes a surface of thickness of 1cm on the filo, leaving some free space around. We close the custard around with our fingers. We place melitinia in a buttered baking pan and cook in a medium prepared oven until our custard roasts.
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