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Local Recipes

The Amorgian recipies charm even the most demanding visitor. They include, apart from the famous patatato (kid-goat cooked with tomato and herbs), the “xydato”, the “kofto” (lamb stuffed with rice and herbs), the “giaprakia” (lettuce-dolma), the “kalogirous” (aubergines with meat and cheese) and fresh fish, with the escort of the exceptional white or red local wine. The traditional nougat with honey on lemon leaves, as well as the xerotigana (form of sweet with honey syrup) are served at the feasts.


Meat with potatoes in red sauce that is cooked offered free of charge at the local church feasts. As the roast lamb of Easter Sunday, it is an official dish for special cases; this is why it is usually cooked in big quantities in large pots. Usually goat meat or alternatively veal is used.

1 kilo kid-goat or veal meat (prefer the thy)
2 onions,
Olive oil (a wine glass)
3-4 potatoes
Tomatoes, paste, juice or pealed tomatoes
Salt, pepper, laurel leaves, cinnamon stick

We wash the meat, cut it in portions, clean and cut the onions. We add the oil in a saucepan and sizzle the meat until it starts changing colour and then throw the onions which we also sizzle, by mixing them continuously. We throw in the tomatoes, mix and leave it to boil a bit, we add water so much as to cover the meat. We avoid adding too much tomato so that the sauce gets too thick. We add salt and pepper, cover the pan and leave it to boil until the meat becomes soft enough. At the end of the boiling we add 1-2 laurel leaves and a stick of cinnamon. As soon as the meat boils we remove it from the saucepan, and add the potatoes to boil in the broth, and maybe add a little water if it is too thick. As soon as the potatoes have boiled, we put back the meat in the saucepan, so that they all boil together. In the traditional way the meat and the potatoes boil together. Serve in traditional ceramic plates.
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