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Local Recipes

Residents of Anafi are distinguished for their politeness and their hospitality and the local kitchen includes local stuffed goat cooked in the traditional wood oven, fresh fish, lobster pasta, rebithokeftedes, gemista, cuttlefishes with fenne,pasta and the local tasty hard cheese and the marvellous thyme honey. On Christmas, housewives make the traditional sugarplum (from honey and almond), On New Years Day, they make bread “zaforisto” (with crocus) which when baked in traditional wood ovens takes an intense yellow colour and has the particular flavour of crocus. On Easter they always serve “melitera”, with the escort of local exceptional raki.

The wedding dinner in Anafi is celebrated with particular splendour where all islanders are invited. The main dish is goat in red sauce with potatoes or spaghetti. Sesame honey and sugarplum – as a separate tasty luxury,are given to guests and newlyweds to gain strength .

Tyropsomo (cheese bread) with crocus from Anafi

The dose is for two (25 – 30cm.) breads

½ teaspoon fibres of crocus
1/4 cup hot water
2 cups milk
Two packages yeast
6 big eggs, light struck
½ cup of extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon nutmeg
3 cups matured mizithra cheese grinded in thick pieces or other hard, yellow, sheep's cheese
2 teaspoons salt
4 - 5 cups of flour for the all uses
4 - 5 cups of flour for bread


1. Put the crocus in hot water and leave it for 15 min. In the meanwhile, warm the milk (it should not boil) and set in a big bowl. Dissolve the yeast in  hot milk and leave it for 15 minutes. Add crocus and the water in which you have soaked it, eggs,oil and immediately afterwards nutmeg, cheese and salt and then mix well.

2. Add 4 cups of flour for all uses and 4 cups of flour for bread in the liquid (with a fluctuation of ½ a cup) and mix with a wooden ladle. Continue blending until the dough takes shape. Remove from the bowl and blend until it becomes more condensed (10 - 15 minutes), adding flour if needed. Put it in a bowl with oil, turn in order for the oil to cover all sides and cover with a towel. Leave it in a warm area, until it doubles in volume (2 hours roughly).

3. Set oil in a big baking pan. Separate the dough in 2 equal balls with diameter of 20 – 25cm. Place them in the two sides of the baking pan or in two separate baking pans. Cover them with a towel and leave them to rise for another 45 minutes. In between, preheat the oven in 190 C. Bake the tyropsoma until they become reddish (50 min). Remove from the oven, leave for a while to cool down and serve.

Gemista or skaltsounia of Anafi


flour, oil, vinegar, salt


10 cups of sesame
5 cups of rusk
Cinnamon - clover
orange peel


8 cups of sugar
4 cups of water
4 cups of honey


Roast the sesame until it changes colour, then crush it, add in the rubbed rusk, cinnamon, clover, nutmeg and orange peel. Boil syrup and leave to cool down, then add a mix of sesame, mix well and leave for one whole evening. Open the filo and cut pieces in diameter of 10 cm. Add one spoonful of filling and fold the filo in two. Fry in hot oil and place them on absorbent paper. When they cool down, sprinkle with sugar.
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