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Local Products

Andros is rich in local products. Out of the famous local cheeses the most well known are the armexia, the chloro, the manousos and the volaki. The island also produces tasty sausages and other pork titbits, such as choiromourida and sisira, lard or paspala, tsigarida, sisiropita, ziladia or pichti. Choirosfagia in Andros begin in fall and last until the end of winter.

The marzipan cakes with flower water, the kalisounia and the nougat with honey, made with thyme honey from Andros, are among the most famous products of the island. Other local sweets are the pastelaries (made with dry figs and cinnamon), the pastitsakia and the spoon sweets made of lemon buds.

Andros produces fine quality wine and products from the must, such as molasses, moystalevria, “xeri”and soutzoykia. Out of the local drinks you must try the soumada and the potzi (raki with honey).
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