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First residents of the island were the Phoenicians and in antiquity it was called “Oliaros”. As Antiparos it is reported for the first time in the 13th century A.D. despite the fact that its name is ancient. Antiparos was the name of one of the 50 sons of Egypt, who was murdered by his spouse Kritomytheia, one from 50 “Danaides”.

At the duration of the Byzantine period, the island suffered from piracies that were continued until the Medieval Years. In 1207 the island was conquered by the nephew of the Dogi of Venice, Mark Sanoudos.

In the beginning of the 15th century, Antiparos was compelled each year to give 30 ore men to the Duchy of Naxos, which leads us to the conclusion that it should have been densly-populated. In the middle of the 15th century, the Venetian Lorentano, who was married to Maria Sommaripa who had taken Antiparos as dowry, built the castle on the island for safety. The pirate raids continued, while afterwards the island suffered destruction from Chairentin Mbarmbarosa.

In 1537 the island, as the rest of the Cyclades, fell in the hands of the Turks and remained under their possession up to 1770, when the Russian fleet of the brothers Orlof reached the island. In 1774 it fell again in the hands of the Turks, took part in the revolution of 1821 and in 1830 was linked with Greece. Pillages, destruction and slaughters were the fate of the residents of the island during all of these years where it passed from the hands of one conqueror to the other. Despite all these, a high school functioned on the island, in which very important persons got their first education, such as Neofytos Mavromatis, the Despot Nafpactos, and the deacon Ananias, one from the greatest teachers of the Nation.
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