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One of the most beautiful caves of the world and the most ancient known cave of Greece is found in the centre of Antiparos, on the hill of Agios  Ioannis. In its entry lies the oldest stalagmite of Europe, which is dated to 45 million years. Four hundred ten steps lead the visitors to a depth of 100 metres, where they will surely enjoy a spectacle of stalactites and stalagmites. In the interior of the cave ancient vessels were found and signs in various points. A dedication to goddess Artemis is engraved on the rock by the lyric poet Archilochos, as well the names of those who according to legend had conspired against Alexander the Great and found shelter in the cave. In the entry of the cave lies the church of Agios  Ioannis Spiliotis, built on the 18th century. The festival of Agios Ioannis Spiliotis, with traditional Antiparos dishes and island dances, takes place in the entry of the cave on the 7th of May.

The traditional settlement is stretched around an imposing Venetian Castle that was built in 1440 in order to protect islanders from pirate raids and was inhabited continously until the 19th century. The castle was initially a bulky tower with houses built around it forming its exterior walls. The base of the central tower, a big gate, arches and certain houses with embedded blazons constitute today the remains of the impressive Castle. Three churches, the Christos, the Agios  Antonios and the Agios Ioannis, are harmoniously blended among the houses.

Agios Georgios - Soros
Two small settlements of the island are Agios Georgios and the Soros. Agios Georgios has one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with amazing views to the sea. From the little port of Agios Georgios, you can visit by fishing boat the opposite uninhabited islets of Despotico, Tsimintiri, Strongili, which present exceptional cultural interest.

Museum Of Cycladic Art
In Antiparos, do not omit to visit the Museum of Cycladic Art, where you will see copies of famous statues,such as “The pregnant” and the “Proposing man”.

The village of Antiparos unfolds around the castle of Antiparos.It has one thousand permanent residents. Cobbled streets, whitewashed corridors, courtyards full of flowers and a big square with eucalyptus trees and bars, compose an admirable setting. The harbour is full of picturesque fishing boats, cafes and fish taverns. A cobbled street that starts from the harbour leads to the Castle, the old traditional settlement of Antiparos.
The church of Agios Nikolaos, which was built in 1783 next to the entry of the Castle, the Cultural Centre with its Library and the monument of the Fighters of the National Resistance, are included among the sights of Antiparos.
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