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To the beaches of Schoinousa you will go on foot, without needing more than 20 minutes. The sandy beach of Piso Ammos has two coffee-restaurants, where you can try the tasty dishes and relax while drinking your coffee with a view to the immense light blue. Equally beautiful is the sandy beach in the Tsigkouri region, where you can find two coffee-restaurants.

In the spotless beach of Chochlakia with the thick pebbles you will enjoy the sun and the sea. It is good to bring water and provisions with you, because there are no shops near.

The isolated sandy beaches of Agios Vasilios and Fidou are not accessible and the only way to reach them is by boat, but you will be rewarded by the spectacle of the attractive turquoise waters.In the region of Alygaria, you will also find some splendid small sandy beaches, without shops.

To those who like the combination of pebble and sand, you can visit the long beach of Liolios, where the landscape changes from sandy to rocky and the water is always crystal clear.

You can go on foot to the sandy beaches of Almiro, Fountana, Fykio and Gero Limnionas. A small castle dominates in the Fountana region, whose historical identity remains unknown up to today. Psili Ammos is one from the most beautiful of the island and the magic that it emits to the visitor is owed to the fact that its sand covers the whole hill.
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