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Antiparos: Local Recipes

Cheese pies

For the filling:
1 kilo fresh myzithra cheese
1/2 kilo sugar
5 eggs
A little cinnamon
A little dill

For the dough:
1 kilo flour
1 small glass of sugar
1 small glass of oil

A bit of salt
Butter for wiping of baking pan
Cinnamon for sprinkling

Sift the flour. We set oil, sugar,salt and some lukewarm water, in a basin together with the sifted flour. We blend, and pour a bit more water, if it is needed, until the dough becomes ready. We cover and leave for a while.

We prepare the filling. We dissolve the myzithra with a fork until it becomes thick and we add sugar, eggs struck, a bit of cinnamon and chopped dill. We mix well. We cut the dough in pieces and mould it into flat pitas. We put in the middle one spoonful of filling and raise the leaf all around,by pressing little utmost in order to stick on the myzithra and remain round. Afterwards,we spread the baking pan with butter, set the small pitas in and sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon and we finally bake on a medium temperature for roughly 40 min.
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