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Donousa: Local Recipes

Some of the traditional dishes of Donoussa are:

* “Patatato” (meat cooked in tomato sauce and served with potatoes).
* “Kavurmas” (spiced pork braised in its own fat and juice).
* “Giaprakia” (stuffed cabbage leaves).
* Stuffed kid with rice.
* “Souvli” (cream made of wheaten flour, oil, water, salt and sugar. In the past, local women fed their babies this cream, because it was considered to be very nutritious).
* “Hortopites” (fried pies filled with greens – chards – fennel and onion).
* “Aranista” (a sort of “trahanas”, a milk-wheat flour combination).
* “Klosta” (homemade local pasta).
* “Pitaridia” (long “hilopites” – noodles – cooked in milk).
* “Xerotigana” (fritters with honey). A wonderful dessert.
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