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Schoinousa is a serene Aegean shelter for calm vacations and romantic moments. Its laced coasts, one better than the other, give to visitors a flavour from the magic immense light blue. The white houses, built with the simple Cycladic architecture are the stars of the small island, while equally enchanting are its picturesque streets, and its gardens with palms as well as the harbour, which is famous as one of the best shelters of the Aegean.

Schoinousa is found south of Naxos and north-east of Irakleia. It has an extent of 9,5 sq. miles and a population of 220 residents in the two settlements of Schoinousa (Panagia) and Messaria. Schoinousa owes its name to the bushy plant “schinos” that flourishes in its ground. Another version supports that the name came from the name of a Venetian sovereign who was called Schinoza and at the period of the Frankish occupation, had a tower on the island.

Schoinousa has a temperate and cool climate without abrupt changes. Many times over you feel that the period of summer remains all year long. The harbour of the island is Mersini, which is famous as one of the best shelters for small ships in the whole Aegean.Residents deal with agriculture, livestock-farming, fishery and tourism. Panagia, the capital of the island abstains from the harbour 1200 m. and is built on a hill, because in the old days the island suffered raids of pirates, so the residents had greater visibility to the sea from up there and it would be difficult for invaders to surprise them. Everything here is  friendly and hospitable: characteristic Cycladic houses that are decorated with basil and flower bushes, whitewashed streets and smiling residents.

The port of Hora is the windless Mirsini on the south-western coast of the island, which is considered one of the safest shelters of small ships in the Aegean Sea. There are several houses, two good fish taverns and the white chapel of Agios Nikolaos in the small bay.

Second settlement of Schoinousa is Mesaria, located in the hinterland of the island.